All data powering FirstView comes from FOCUS (bus depot's proprietary back-end system) and Zonar (GPS Units installed on the vehicles).

The FirstView team does not have the ability to update the route or student data feeding into Dashboard or app. DistrictView Dashboard users are also unable to manually upload or import data into FirstView. Data can be updated via the depot making direct updates in FOCUS, or by making updates in an electronic routing software which is then manually uploaded into FOCUS. 

Processes for updating data, account configuration agreements, and the data update schedules are decided during the product implementation process by the key decision makers at the district and depot. If you have questions about how the product is configured for your district, we recommend reaching out to your district's transportation department or the First Student bus depot directly.

Route Data Security: All processes for setting up secure data transfers of route data into FOCUS are setup independent of FirstView. These processes are typically in place prior to going live on FirstView as part of the depot's regular dispatching system maintenance. Maintaining route data in FOCUS is ultimately the depot’s responsibility to coordinate with the district and First Student route data teams. The FOCUS data integrity team is available to assist the depot with managing routes in FOCUS and also provide templates for route data exports from electronic routing software. 

Student Data (if applicable): For districts that utilize electronic routing software and require student data for FirstView, the data integrity team is available to provide templates for student data exports from the routing software or student information system (SIS). The data integrity team can also assist with setting up an SFTP site to coordinate student data file exchanges in a secure way. The data integrity team manages the student file imports but does not manage the data itself.

If route and/or student data is missing/incorrect, please reach out to whomever manages the data for your district. If you are unsure how to get the data issues corrected in FirstView, please reach out to with detailed information on what is missing/incorrect in FirstView. Our customer support analysts can review the issue and serve as a liaison in reaching the team(s) that can ultimately correct the issue.

Please note: Districts that utilize our Standard School Code based or GPS District Code registration process for the ParentView App will not see student information in the app until app registration is enabled and parents begin following stops. This information is user created and is not validated against any student roster that the district supplies to the bus depot.